Miracle Cure For Eczema

For any mother’s who are dealing with eczema on your little ones… this has been a life changer for us recently!!

We have been to the dermatologist and prescribed creams. The creams do work but only temporarily and they will bleach the skin if used over and over!!!

So I had spoke with a lady a while back and she explained to me how her daughter had eczema severely when she was younger and all that helped was “oatmeal bombs”.. literally..1 cup of old fashioned oatmeal scooped into a pair of panty hose, tied and repeated until you run out of room.

Wyatts skin has improved so much since I have started this!!

Every night I toss a “bomb” in the bath with him and at the end before getting him out I will rub his little body down from head to toe.. even where there isn’t any eczema. I wish that I would have taken her advice earlier and not waited so long!! Of course we still follow with cerave cream after bath for extra moisture.. but that is it!! We have not used steroid cream in almost a month!! And that my friend is a big deal for us!!

Credit Megan Thames Fairchild

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