Misconceptions About PTA Mums (Parent Teacher Association)

Misconceptions about PTA mums! (Parent teacher association)

Why do people have the opinion that PTA mums are “stuck up” or “a clique”?

What’s your opinion on PTA mums?

I’ve been on my children’s schools PTA for 3 years now and I love it!

Not only are we raising money for the school, putting smiles on kids faces with events (much to parents dismay of spending money) and getting to know the parents, we also have a laugh!

We have people from all back grounds, friendships have been formed that perhaps wouldn’t have been in normal every day life, we go out for drinks, have lunch with the kids in the holidays, and would welcome any one to join us.

We have a lawyer, a teacher from another school who is a parent, a school cook, a stay at home Mum, a bar manager, a child minder, and a bin man! A huge diversity of people.

Take a look at your School PTA before you judge them.. pop and speak to them, see what kind of people are on the PTA, you will be shocked!

An awful lot of work has to go into PTAs.

Safeguarding, risk assessments of events, first aid training, planning events, fundraising prizes etc, finding people to help, organising dates and liasing with School, printing or designing posters, setting up events, clearing up events… the list is endless!

Would you be willing to pop to your next PTA meeting?

Would you be willing to help?

Have you ever thought about what the money raised goes towards?

Resources, Xmas crackers for kids at Xmas lunch, subsidising coach travel for trips so it’s cheaper for parents, musical instruments, out-door play equipment etc etc!

Are you on your association? If so why? What do you enjoy?

If not why not? What puts you off?


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