Mum Brutally Stabbed Saving Her Young Daughter


On the 7th of October I was called by my 15-year-old daughter who had been jumped with 3 of her friends and as she was shook up and scared she called me for help to come pick her up this was at 7:55 pm

I was given a lift to the co-op  in Basildon and when we arrived I got out of the car and walked towards where my child was my child had her friend’s phone which she needed to return to her friend standing in sight so I agreed that it was ok so I was a few paces behind my daughter my daughter handed the mobile back to her friend and we started walking back go the car which I could see.

 Out of no where a man came out of no where and went straight for my daughter I saw his knife before I saw his face and he had every intention to stab my baby girl 15 years old so I pushed my baby girl as hard as I could and she fell to the floor before I realised before I had chance to turn around or run away he unprovoked stuck the knife through my side as my arms were in the air busy pushing my child and run off.

I was bleeding out luckily I was taken to Basildon hospital and was worked on for hours having surgery in A&E as I was in such a serious condition I had puncture lung and nicked a bit of my heart splintered 4 of my ribs I died on that trolley and I can only praise Basildon hospital and all the staff who saved my life.

It will take months to recover been told that I might not ever make a full recovery but I am alive to be able to raise my children my youngest is only 3 years old and no one has the right to hurt people or to take away a loving mother whose children are her world.

We need to set up a knife programme in Basildon to try to educate as many people as possible as it’s not just the person who has been stabbed who is affected by this terrible behaviour it’s the family and friends and the little children waiting for you to return home my 3-year-old daughter was heart-broken totally devastated because I was not at home raising my children but I was in hospital fighting for my Life this has to stop now.

By Tracy Larkowsky

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