Mum Cuts Nan Out Of Her Life For Feeding Her Daughter

I would like to make others aware that you have every right to cut someone out of your baby or child’s life if they do not respect your wishes.

Last year my daughter Olivia was with my partners mum (her nana) for the day whilst I caught up with friends for lunch.

That evening with my daughter home I changed her nappy and noticed her poo wasn’t normal, my daughter was 5 months old at the time and exclusively fed with my breast milk, but this poo was very different.

I contacted my mother in law and asked how my daughter had been with her and the bloody cheeky cow said “oh she was fine I gave her a little bit of my strawberry she absolutely loved it”.

Now people may think I’m being picky but I had already stated to everyone there was no way I will allow Olivia to have any solids until after she is 6 months old due to all the issues that can be caused through early weaning.

I told my partner that his mother was not to be anywhere near our daughter and that I was disgusted with her actions, my partner didn’t seem to understand and ultimately backed his mum.

I have stood my ground and although to keep the peace and my partnerĀ I have allowed her to see her grandchild it will never be unsupervised ever again and I do not speak to her, yes it may be uncomfortable for all of us but she has broken all trust.

Mums out there I want you to know that if someone breaks your wishes and especially if they put your child’s health at risk you have every right to cut ties or to put in precautionary measures.

Your child your rules and don’t let anyone try to tell you differently

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