Mum Flu It Is No Joke Give Us A Medal

The definition of Mum Flu, get out of bed and get on with things.  Reach for every available remedy, drink as many Lempsip Max’s or Benylin medicine that are allowed before driving would become impaired. No matter how much we want to be looked after, receive sympathy for our aches and pains or to curl up in bed, hide under the duvet and not appear until all ailments have gone it just is not possible.

There was nothing better as a child when, if poorly mum (and dad) would flood you with lots of TLC. Being tucked up in bed, toast brought to your bedside a bottle of Lucosade (which I thought was medicine for many years).  Then as we progress into adult hood and are working, even a day off sick from work would mean the duvet on the sofa watching endless day time tv with a box of tissues and cups of tea on tap.

Becoming a mum and being ill just do not go. I certainly know from experience in this house, life would come to a complete stand still if I was to take to my bed. Waking on a Monday morning feeling like I have been kicked in the chest by a horse, throat feeling like it has a thousand pins stuck in it and an ear that is throbbing so bad I could cry it just fills me with dread.  Not because I am ill, I can cope with being ill it is everything else that I have to do whilst feeling like this.  Nothing in my day-to-day life is able to suffer. Nothing can be put off for another day and the children will need fed.

I am an organised person and so all school clothes are put out the night before, school bags at the front door at the ready but still this morning the children received my frustrations. My head is telling me it is just like any other day but my body is screaming….what are you doing woman get back to bed.  After school and nursery drop off, which signs of my current Ora was showing as a fellow mum asked if I was alright,(other words for you do look absolutely awful) it was time to get back home and start work.  Monday is Payroll day and is my busiest day of the week.  I am responsible for making sure no mistakes are made as this is my employees livelihood, they have mortgages and bills to pay.  My brain is functioning but certainly not on all cylinders. The process is slower than usual and I check and check again that all is correct. Working from home is full of advantages but on days like these is so wish I had someone to do my work for me.

I long for the end of the day, I wish away the hours but I know I still have a few phone calls to make, school pick up, youngest swimming lessons, middle childs drama and oldests hockey training.  (once again I praise the Slow Cooker for its ability to make that part of the day easier). My partner phones a few times throughout the day only to ask have I been to the chemist to get more medicine.  There was a little hint of sympathy in his voice but he is in London and I am sure there is slight relief, one he is far enough away from the germs but also he does not need to be stand in mum until I feel better.

Mum flu is worse than Man flu us woman are super heroes and deserve medals


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