Mum Recieved Threats For Her Babies Crib

Jentry M Benke has received threats of child services being called and told she is going to be a terrible prent after posting this…

“Please, stop assuming I will be a terrible mother intentionally killing my own child. If I feel there is a cause for concern with the crib or any other hazards regarding this nursery, I will make all necessary changes. No ego issues here. If anything, I am sure my next title will be that of an over protective mother.

If I am willing to put this much effort into his nursery, I can assure you more efforts will be taken to ensure his safety and his upbringing. Thank you all for your genuine concern… if you are purposely here just to judge, name call and assume that I will be an unfit mother, please leave. I think the REAL issue is that of preparing him to face such a judgmental and harsh world of people. Thank you.

While the rest of my house is basically in shambles… We have officially finished the nursery for our baby🌵HOX RUSS🌵 (please don’t let these photos fool you, my life is never actually this put together… even his closet is organized… I could get used to this nesting thing!

That crib? Made by the most talented man in the world, Russtin (he never ceases to amaze me with his creations – I am excited to have it in the family for years ) it’s made from the truck panels that came from my Granpa’s dump truck & Our trip to Canton.

Update: education articles for everyone to read from a valid source!–Manufacturing/Business-Education/Business-Guidance/Full-Size-Baby-Cribs

A. the crib drops down for when he gets old enough to stand making it impossible to fall 5 ft down

B. Plexiglass is used in hospital crib bassinets

C. The wall fixtures are hung well and a little dirt won’t hurt

D. And Please, If you don’t like his name… keep it to yourself. It was very specially chosen for my son”.

Whats your thoughts do you think the crib is wonderful or a death trap?

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