Mums Should Be Tested For Strep B At The End Of Their Pregnancy

I believe all mum’s should  be tested for Group B Strep during the last stages of pregnancy to prevent any more babies catching this during the mothers labour, in which sadly many of these babies can end up with severe disabilities including damage to their brain, cerebral palsy and worse sadly some don’t even make it.

It is something that the NHS do not really  tell you about and even when you ask to be tested the refuse to do so on many occasions.

Unfortunately this was the case for my family as when we advised our midwives etc that I had tested positive for strep b in my previous pregnancy (showed up during a routine blood test) they refused to test me in my last pregnancy, in which has resulted in 20 months and a lot of fighting for my son to be checked over properly after being dismissed, for his mri scan to show that he has damage to the left hand side of his brain and cerebral palsy in which he has no function in the right hand side of his body.

This should have been prevented and should never have happened if all mothers to be were given this very cheap test and could also save the NHS millions at the same time.

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One thought on “Mums Should Be Tested For Strep B At The End Of Their Pregnancy

  • 9th February 2019 at 3:30 pm

    I can’t believe that this is still not being tested for or even mentioned by the midwife to advise pregnant mums to take a test even if they payed privately. It is devastating when a baby has GBS and costs the NHS thousands of pounds to save the many babies lives that contract GBS. This needs to stop now.


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