Mums Warning About Public Toilet After Daughter Hurt

I Would like to warn any parent with young children in public toilets or anybody really, I was with my daughter and my little sister who is 4-year-old well my little sister asked to use the toilets in McDonald’s by herself I thought nothing of it as she goes to the toilet herself at home but I was standing right outside the door while it was still unlocked when two girls about the age 14-15 walk out laughing their heads off I thought nothing of it until I heard my little sister scream hysterically in pain and agony it wasn’t the scream what frightened me it was how she screamed.

It seems that those 2 girls who walked out literally crying of fucking laughter put superglue on the toilet seat so that it causes my 4-year-old little sister to get stuck not only that but it was hot super glue so it was starting to burn her and when we eventually got her off the toilet seat when I had to get a manager and people who worked at McDonald’s to help they immediately phoned the police and an ambulance to check her out and when they eventually got her off after causing her so much pain her skin was sore and on her bottom half her skin came entirely off!!

I have never been in so much shock in my fucking life, they have checked the security cameras of people walking out the toilets so I really hope they get back to me if they have caught them 2 girls because it is absolutely shocking of what they did, just thought I would warn anybody to start and check the toilet seat when they go to a public toilet

Brooke Harris from Sunderland

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