My Son Is Being Punished For Being Bullied

My son is 7 and has dyspraxia and is on the autistic spectrum, he also has an irritable bladder.

He is a kind, smart and sensitive boy, he likes to hug people and sometimes says things he shouldn’t, he struggles to make friends as he is “different”, with his bladder he sometimes has wet patches in his trousers especially when he is stressed however teachers say he is a perfect pupil eager to please and a hard worker.

But my boy is being bullied by this one particular girl, she says my boy is ugly because he has freckles and that he smells of wee, anything my son touches she refuses to use and tells everyone its covered in germs, she taunts him, shoves him kicks him and gets others to follow suit.

Last month my son came home from school and got sandpaper and tried to rub his freckles off, he washes constantly and cries himself to sleep.

As his mum I’ve been into the school and spoke to his teacher on numerous occasions even spoke to the head and this girls parents.

My son seemed happier for a short time until 4 days before half term where this one girl chucked a rock at his eye during play time again I spoke to the school.

The next day I asked my son had this girl been horrible to him and to my surprise he said no, I was pleased that the school had finally dealt with her.

But I was then shocked to discover the reason why my son hadn’t been bullied was because he had been placed in isolation!!!

The school have effectively punished my son for being a victim of bullying.

The school can’t seem to deal with this 7-year-old girl and protect my child by keeping him on his own but this won’t help my  childs social development and he feels he has done wrong for telling on her, as his mum i want to protect him but other than pulling him out of the school completely which will be very very stressful for him as change is hard for him what on earth can I do, I feel helpless.

I didn’t send my son back to school for the rest of the week and I’m still unsure what to do when he is due to return to school on Monday.

What would you do in this situation?


One thought on “My Son Is Being Punished For Being Bullied

  • 11th March 2018 at 9:36 pm

    That girl needs her ass whooped!! I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying of ANY kind!


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