My Wife Beats Me, I’m Afraid I’m Going To Hurt Her

My wife beats me

My wife beats me and I’m afraid I’m going to hurt her. I love my wife dearly and want to fix our marriage but I’m afraid of what might happen. I’m 6ft 2in 210lbs I bench 300lbs with ease and my wife is  about 5ft 9 and 125lbs.

We have our good and our bad days but on our worse days which happen more often than not lately she hits me . I have never hit my wife in an abusive way, but I’m afraid that eventually I won’t be able to control my anger when she hits me and I’ll end up seriously hurting her.

I am a man I should not be scared of my wife, I cannot talk to my friends or family about it , surely they would laugh in my face, a grown man being battered by his woman.

The above is what I wrote into Mums advice Facebook page after a rather nasty incident with her, she had poured boiling water on to my lap, it took all my strength not to punch her in the throat.

Little did I know that woman would rally round me and tell me that I am not weak, that I am not worthless, that actually I am really strong for having the strength not to hurt her back. I spoke with many woman that night and through their words I saw my relationship for what it was.

I am now free from abuse but this isn’t actually about me this is about you, you the man being humiliated, the man being hurt or you the woman who loses her temper and throws a punch knowing full well your man won’t strike back.

I urge any man or woman who is in a violent or belittling relationship to get out or get help, do not let the words or actions bring you down.

Abused men can reach out to the following organizations for help:

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