New Mums Have It Easy Give Me A New Born Any Day

New mums have it easy, give me a new born any day, I often see new mums complaining how hard it is, now I understand new babies awake during the night and feed on demand and poop and cry but I’m sorry but new babies are easy.

I’m not disputing that having a new baby isn’t a huge change and tiring especially one  with colic or reflux is hard work but the real struggles are yet to come.

A baby whom can crawl but has no understanding of danger is terrifying, everything is a hazard.. EVERYTHING.

A toddler who is tired and can’t understand why you have to pick up their siblings from school is no fun, not to mention the tears and screams when they have to put shoes on, public meltdowns, refusing to eat, to sleep to listen arghhh.

Roll on to when they start school, they suddenly know it all, yet still can’t be reasoned with, this phase will last years, the worry if they are making friends, are they being bullied, are they achieving, are they eating enough?

Then we get to the time when your child starts secondary school, they suddenly demand their complete independence but you still have to remind them to wash their hands after using the toilet. They spend more time on the internet and you spend most of your own time checking up on them, making sure you know who they are speaking to, where they are and who with.

And then the dreaded zone the teen years, the back chatting the constant worrying what they are up to, the grunts the groans, the teenage angst. The stress of exams, the peer pressure, hoping that their happy and worrying for their futures.

So give me a new-born, a cute sweet bundle of joy, that screams all night, but smells so good, who loves you unconditionally and needs you, you know exactly where they are at every second of the day, and cries can be stopped with milk, a bum change or a cuddle.

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