No Child Is The Same But Please Second Born Child Go To Sleep

Why can’t you sleep?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘no child is the same’ ? When I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter I thought it was going to be a breeze, just like it was with my first. She slept through the night from 5weeks and was in her own room by 3months (with me checking on her every 5minutes and constantly watching the baby monitor).

Then that’s when I heard this saying for the first time, I didn’t think anything of it, is just thought ‘oh it’s fine I will get her into a routine from a young age and she will sleep through the night just like her big sister’ well how wrong was I?

I got into the routine of either letting her sleep on me or tapping her bum to get her to sleep. She would wake in the night and I would just tap her bum or pick her up – big mistake! I decided to put her in her big sisters bedroom and hope she would sleep through.

She slept a lot better, she went every 4-5hours instead of every hour. This was an improvement, I was happy. She started to get older and nap less and less but still didn’t go through the whole night. I tried everything. She is now 2 and half.

She gets up every morning without fail at 6am, no matter how many times she got up during the night before she still gets up at that time. She no longer naps and goes to bed at 6pm at night. No matter how late she goes to bed or how much I wear her out during the day she does not sleep through the night. No matter what I do she don’t sleep longer that 4hours. So next time you hear that saying, don’t be silly like me and think your child will be like their older sibling.. because I can tell you now, they won’t!

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