Once He Wins Your Heart, Then He Can Play Games

When he treats you like a queen

Says his never loved anyone more than you

Buys you expensive presents

You end up falling for him too

It’s not until his got your heart

That he starts to play his games

You don’t realise it at the time

Not until it is too late

It’s a slow and gradual process

He makes you doubt things you supposedly said

He tries to stop you going out

And says it’s because he cares

You soon begin to feel lonely

Your friends and family drifting away

You got me, you don’t need them

Is what he might often say

Once his got you on his own

His behaviour will get worse

You don’t know where the man you met went

After his first violent outburst

If you go to up and leave

He will cry plead and beg

He will use emotional blackmail

And get inside your head

It will never happen again he says

He promises to change

Things go back to being good

But his made you feel afraid

His great for a while

Till he doesn’t get what he wants

He puts you down and calls you names

Then makes out it’s your fault

The violent outbursts start again

They become a regular thing

If anyone asks if you’re ok

You cover up and lie for him

This is just an outline

Of what abusive people are like

Just remember it’s not you’re fault

And that there is light

You are strong and you’re beautiful

You are better off without him

There is help out their to free your self

Speak out and let people in

It may take a while to recover

And even longer to trust again

Surround your self with positive people

That can help you as you mend

You will miss the happier times

And the man you thought he was and could be

It’s ok to shed your tears

You are allowed to grieve

You can do this believe in yourself

You will come out stronger than ever

And there will come a day where you will never look back

Because you are a true survivor

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