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Our Beautiful Jenny- Septicaemia Awareness

Our angel jenny

Our beautiful baby girl jenny spent her first Xmas with her family. Her mum, dad, big sister, brother, her twin little sister and her nana. Jenny spent most of the day being very nosey. We opened gifts cooked dinner and had family time together. We had a lovely day.

At night we all got ready for bed. Jenny spent most of the night unsettled. So she slept next to me she loved to cuddle in. The next morning jenny was still unsettled so we put this down to her being tired.

I put jenny for a nap. When she woke at 1 I went to get her bottle. Dad cuddled her in and noticed she felt hot. So I grabbed the thermometer and checked. She had a temp or 38.9. I rang nhs 24 straight away. During the phone call I repeatedly checked Jenny’s temperature The numbers varied. Other than the temperature jenny was off her feeds that day.

I got through to nhs 24 ran through all there questions. They said as jenny was running a temperature and was only 11 weeks. Also because she was premature they would like to see her at 5.50 that evening.

We striped jenny down to her vest to keep her cool. And cuddled her in she was not to fussy about her bottle we just kept trying her with.

Jenny had a nap with her twin sister that afternoon. As they did all the time. At 4.30 we were eating some dinner before jennys appointment when she woke. Our friend was here at this point to take us to jennys appointment. So he cuddled her in and talked to her. He noticed that she had a rash appearing before him on jennys face.

I went over and had a look and could also see the rash. I went to change her bum and it was everywhere. The rate of this rash was so fast. It was spreading in front of me. Jenny had been in  her bed since 1. And there had not been one single spot until now. I did the glass test right away some of the rash would disappear and some not.

So we went to hospital right away. Within 10 mins we had seen a doctor then were transferred to the children’s unit.

At the children’s unit the fitted jenny with a cannula took bloods and gases. They told us looked like a bug could be a serious bug or not so serious one. They Give her antibiotics right away and some fluids. She seemed to perk up.

I sat cuddled into her telling her everything was going be ok. The doctors had giving her medication so she would be better soon. We were put on a ward by ourselves.

They came to check jenny 10 mins later and said that she was not responding the way they would like her to. From that point everything seemed to happen so fast. They said it looked like meningitis.

Jenny was soon surrounded by a team of 16 doctors, nurses, consultants people from the neonatal team.

They hooked her to all sorts of machines. Put jenny in a coma give her pain medication. They gave her x-rays to check her organs. They took over her breathing. Put her on a heated bed as they struggled to keep her warm as se could not maintain a stable temperature. That team of people worked incredibly hard to save jenny.

We were waiting on a specialist team coming from Edinburgh to take jenny there. We were told that it looked like jenny would not make it and to try prepare for that.

At 2.00am jenny started to crash they took turns performing cpr. They told us if some miracle they could save her. Jenny would not be the same baby girl we had. After 20 mins of cpr. The doctors advised that they could do no more for jenny. The kindest thing we could do is turn the machine of and let jenny die in our arms.

We had minster come and bless jenny. Then 2.40 the machine was turned of. We took jenny to our private room and i held her in my arms until she died. At 2.50am the doctors came to check jenny and announced jenny had now passed away.

Sadly after only 11 weeks and 3 days our princess had died from meningitis b and septicemia.

Meningitis and septicemia kills. It took our beautiful baby jenny away from us so quickly.

Please keep an eye out for symptoms you may get some or all of them. Jenny only had the temperature and was of feeds until the rash appeared. Her are the symptoms. Knowing these could save a life.

Our Beautiful Jenny- Septicaemia Awareness
Our Beautiful Jenny- Septicaemia Awareness
Our Beautiful Jenny- Septicaemia Awareness
Our Beautiful Jenny- Septicaemia Awareness


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