Out Rage At Asda Broccoli’s Added Extras

One mum has taken to Facebook to warn other mums about Asda broccoli.

The mum sais “I just bought a broccoli from Asda and it had 3 caterpillars and 2 sacks of eggs on it and luckily we had cut and eaten the only parts with them on therefore noticing them. If we hadn’t then we’d have eaten the rest of it before discovering them.

Called Asda and they said that they’ve received a high amount of calls about it over the past few weeks and offered me my 50p back 😂 I’m not bothered about the money back I just want to know why on Earth they’re still selling broccoli knowing that they’re infested in caterpillars as she said as of yet they haven’t investigated it.

So I guess this is a warning to check your Asda broccoli before you buy them lol

I did wash the broccoli before I used it but the caterpillars were wrapped tightly around it”.

Many people commented laughing at the complaint one woman said “oh my god bugs on a vegetables that grows in dirt how outrageous, ban vegetables NOW lol”

Only a few people were sympathetic with the poster most just mocked her.

Would you be upset/concerned if you found caterpillars dished up with your veg? Let us know in the comments.

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