Pampers Are Making Parents Very Happy Right Now

Mums of late potty trainers are rejoicing at Pampers new nappies a brilliant number 8, nappies for 37lb+.

Amanda Dawn from West Sussex has shared her joy at the new size nappies, she said

“My son Dexter has Fragile X (Fragile X is a genetic condition that affects both boys and girls, although boys are often more severely affected.It can cause a range of issues with language, emotions, attention, behaviour and social interaction) Dexter is unlikely to ever be potty trained, he is non verbal and is 7 years old, the NHS provide us with a few packs of nappies a month but nowhere near enough to last, we often have to resort to buying adult incontinence pads.

Some may think that’s not a problem but when you have a child of 7 who thinks like a 1-year-old he wants the fancy designs and for me I want the convenance of being able to buy nappies from any old shop. Thank you so much Pampers for making our lives better and the fact these nappies are far cheaper is fantastic”.

Lucy Fitzpeters from Witham in Essex is also very happy “Wow big size nappies my Samuel is only 1 but such a chubster, we have been using pull ups but they aren’t great when he does a poo, these are gonna be a game changer for my family”.

Several mums hope that other companies or supermarkets such as Lidl follow suit and start making nappies in the larger sizes to help parents of all children, disabled, larger and late trainers.

Thanks Pampers for making mums lives easier!!!

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