Parents Beware Of This New App

Parents….I discovered tonight that my 11 year old has been posting videos of herself on an app called Likee, which is basically the same as tik tok, after her dad and I both told her no to tik tok because it wasn’t safe. After discovering this and seeing the messages she’s been receiving from users like “Ivan” who has no posts of his own, no identifying profile pic, but THOUSANDS of likes on videos of little girls, many barely dressed and some looking very grown and suggestive, as well as the types of videos these babies are uploading for predators to view, complete with location tags, and even a “nearby” tab to see videos posted near your own location.

I can’t say this enough…CHECK YOUR CHILD’S PHONE!!! Tik tok is huge, and a ton of kids are using it, not just adults. Are you watching? She did this after having her phone monitored closely since she got it and only recently had been deemed trustworthy enough to have the check-ups less frequently.

Now she’s afraid to go to school because she understands that she gave the world a roadmap and invitation to find her. I won’t post the video she uploaded, but to sum it up, the song she was dancing and seducing the camera to, for lack of a better way to put it, was very suggestive and loaded with innuendos…not even what an 11 year old should be listening to, let alone understanding.

Her father and I are livid, but even more I’m terrified for these children who are unwittingly placing targets on their backs. So please, for the love of God, invade their privacy, and do it regularly! Check every app, go through them thoroughly, look through their pictures, read their messages….because you never know. Please share this as well, get the word out, because you can have all the conversations in the world about being safe and staying offline, but they want to be cool like their friends, and they think we know nothing, so don’t be so naive to think “my child wouldn’t….” BECAUSE YOU JUST DON’T KNOW!



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