Please can you post for me. I’m at my wits end. Today has really broke me. My so…

Please can you post for me.
I’m at my wits end. Today has really broke me.
My son is 7 me and his dad split in 2012 and theses 5 years have bin a hard battle with his dad.
I’ve never stopped contact with his dad. His dad has always picked when / how often he see my son. I thought me and his dad finally had a break threw and was getting along.
My son today has come out with such vile words . He has told me he wishes I wasn’t his mum and he going to hit me over the head so I don’t wake up..
I come out of a dv relationship 7 months ago and if it wasn’t for this boy I never would of left he is my hero.
But his dad has bin telling my son I’m a bad mum I need to die I do nothing with my son the list is endless.
Today after all he said I broke down in front of him. He then broke down saying how sorry he is. He doesn’t want to be mean but his dad is telling him to do it. I’ve never seen him so remorseful.
I feel my son head is so mashed up because of my ex relationship and his dad. He is wetting the bed alot etc etc. I am awaiting councling but we bin waiting a while. I’m so lost on what to do. My son loves his dad and wants to see him. But I can’t carry on with this. I have zero confidence and the guilt I have over my last relationship is unreal and this has just broken me even more. Has anyone got any advice on what do ? My son has begged me not to tell his dad cause he is worried of what he will do.
Sorry for going on. But my heart is truly breaking for my boy


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