Please Don’t Risk Your Children’s Teeth

Listen people, survivor bias is absurd. So don’t even start with that. If you give your kids a gallon of milk or juice for bed, and their teeth are perfect, then be grateful. BUT don’t dismiss the kids who aren’t.

understand that this is like anything else. Car seat safety, safe sleep etc. bad things had to happen for the guidlines to exist. So YES this is a thing. NO your children shouldn’t have ANYTHING other than water after they brush at night. Milk and juice is full of sugar and if you give it at bed it literally sits in their teeth. So guess what? It ROTS THEM!

Yes other things can play a part in it. Genetics, not brushing properly, etc. BUT you can also not have bad teeth, still take care of them and STILL get bottle rot!!!


Working in childcare, I’ve seen this firsthand. From good parents that take very good care of their kids teeth. But still gave a cup of milk at bed “for comfort”. Well now they’re comfortably spending thousands in dental work. 3/4 of my toddlers have caps an ALL of their teeth. When you see a toddler like that, 90% of the time, this is why.


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