Please Teach Your Kids That Others Are Different

To all who parent;

Please teach your kids that some children are a little “different” and people are not always as “cool” or as “social” as them. To have more understanding and tolerance of those who are a bit quirky or sometimes say things that aren’t always appropriate.

Heck, to just be kind to your fellow human beings!

The last few months has been absolute hell-listening to your 12 year old son in absolute desperation telling you how he wants to kill himself and can’t take it anymore. Getting physically beaten up at the bus stop and telling you “I thought if I just laid there and took it he would get bored and stop”.

To another boy emotionally and psychologically torturing him on a daily basis (slamming him into a wall and breaking his glasses) and for me to reach out to his mother and get blatantly ignored and then “blocked” off FB as she clearly doesn’t want to deal with the situation!

This journey has not only seen him up in hospital 3 times for mental health assessment for suicidal thoughts but has also caused him to develop an eating disorder now but also caused turmoil for myself, my family and our family friends.

All because he has Aspergers and is different.

By Emma young

One thought on “Please Teach Your Kids That Others Are Different

  • 28th April 2019 at 9:10 am

    Your poor son, no child should have to feel this way, my son has Aspergers but is high functioning. With social media these days even the comment of suicide would scare the crap out of me! Maybe your son would prefer to change school or maybe going to the school (if that even helps) – in hospital 3 times and broken glasses these children need consequences – they take away corporate punishment, refuse to let parents discipline their children in a society of highly fuelled kids/teenagers/young adults, the world is changing in to a horrible place because everyone is so wrapped up in a virtual world that they can’t live in reality anymore!

    Thinking of you and your son!!! I’m glad he’s speaking to you and not bottling it up!! Good luck! Xx


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