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Post please? Hi. I am currently waitin for an assessment to come through for m…

Post please?

Hi. I am currently waitin for an assessment to come through for my 5 year old Son..I had a meetin with his Teacher and they feel they noticed some things that ent right so want him to see a speech and language therapist and an occupational therapist..they say he likes to fidget with stuff and always likes to hug the other boys and girls and licks velcro and puts his head on the floor and lies down sometimes also lately he has been refusing to do things they ask him to do and also today they went on a trip and apparently he ran away when he was meant to of been sittin down..he always listens to me at home but I am strict and to be honest I do notice him desplayin odd behaviour now and again..he always has to hum or sing to the point where sometimes it gets annoyin and also every dog we see he has to go and stroke it (he does ask owner first) and also with babies, if he sees a baby in a pram he has to go over and hug them or feel the face..I just feel I constantly go on at him to behave and when he ent with me I am always panickin in case he ent listenin to people or actin oddly and I am now startin to accept the fact there may be somethin underlyin but it breaks my heart cause I feel it somethin I have done and don’t want him labelled as a bad kid in gettin to me that much I have been to the Doctors and been diagnosed with depression..has anyone been through this and what am I to expect through these therapist? Thanks


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