PPP. I don’t really know what I expect to get out of posting guess maybe some ad…

PPP. I don’t really know what I expect to get out of posting guess maybe some advice from people who’ve felt similar. I’v lived with depression and anxiety for many years now and took medication daily for them (helped the tiniest bit so continued with them for a few years). I started to feel much better about 6 months ago so weaned myself off them and now the past week iv just been feeling so worried, stressed, this horrible empty feeling I just can’t get rid of (feels like when your heartbroken) but its totally came out the blue, just going through the motions in my daily life with no joy and emptiness left every night. Currently am very limited on anyone to turn to so feeling so isolated and alone and the limited people I have I don’t want to pester them 24/7 with my problems even then I don’t feel people fully understand anyway. I have like zero true friends I can count on and get so jealous seeing everyone still having their school friends and lots of people their close to just don’t know where I went wrong. No old friends to really reach out to as everyone has changed so much and the friends I had a school probably weren’t the ones I should have been friends with I should have stuck with the one I went to primary school with. I know I should probably start my medication again but they make me feel so groggy I just don’t think that will help. Kind of at my wits end with myself and I want to be better, feel better but just don’t know where the hell to start.


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