Ppp I’ve been in a relationship with the same man for 15 years. Recently I’ve …


I’ve been in a relationship with the same man for 15 years. Recently I’ve begun to notice that other men appear more attractive and I have been feeling a sense of unhappiness about my current relationship. I have also developed a strange sense of paranoia surrounding the amount of time he spends on his phone on a particular game. Now he has made me part of the game to see if I would enjoy it, but it’s not my thing and for that I’m sorry, but he still plays it heaps. I don’t like it and I’ve never been a fan of online games or excessive use of PlayStation and xbox anyway.
He’s a great dad, provides, works hard and loves me and our two boys. But I feel as though we are starting to grow apart in what we do and just not feeling as though we are compatible. And tbh, I’m a bit bored.
He doesn’t want to get married as I found that out about 4 years ago, which really threw me. I placed too much expectations on us I guess and he’s made it very clear that’s not what he wants.
We often have differing views on parenting and there are some smaller things I’m beginning to notice that annoy me. He’s trying hard to do housework,take time out for dates etc, we do have laughs together but passion is scarce, though we do have an active sex life, I sometimes fantasize now about other men and feel as though it’s not as satisfying for him either. He has mentioned some things he’s not happy with, but we both want to try again, but then a few weeks later we go back to feeling the same again.
Plz help. No nasty comments, as this is a sensitive issue and I’m finding it hard to deal with. I am seeing a counsellor for some (brother and sister family stuff). I have her available to speak to also, just wanted some mothers points of view. Thnks


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