Primark Sizing Problem “Solved”

Chelsea Webster has shocked Facebook users with a revelation about Primark clothing.

How many people have gone to Primark picked up their size and then tried it on and it is unbearably tight, it is not a nice feeling thinking that you have gained extra weight, it can be a complete confidence low, so you try on the next size and it is still a little tight so you end up having to buy a size you never thought you would be in.

Well Webster has discovered a reason behind this she said  “So I got these jeans from primark 3 weeks ago! In a size 12 moaning that they were tight! And to my shock Iv gone to wear them today and the first labels coming off but saw another underneath and there’s a 10 label, so no wonder us girls don’t know whether we coming or going if primark doesn’t!!!! surly that’s wrong to re label sizes forever fat”.

Many people commented on the original post saying they had experienced similar issues with Primark clothing, Sarah Pincher checked some of her buys from Primark and also discovered an extra label.

Some people were offended by the post stating that size 12 is notfat and that Webster as wrong to state that.

However if you have to buy clothing a size up from the norm, it can make you feel larger in your own eyes.

Can you buy your correct size of clothing in Primark or do you also have to buy a bigger size?

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