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Private post please.. DO I SUFFER FOR THE MONEY? My partner and I have 3 chil…

Private post please..


My partner and I have 3 children, we live in a 2 bed council flat on an estate. Recently we were selected for a government grant, because we were both working but struggling to save a deposit for a mortgage. The government are giving us £70,000 towards a house to give up our flat. My partners dad has said he will put up the rest in early inheritance so that we can be mortgage free. Only problem is his dad is horrendous to me, always calling me names and trying to twist my partners opinion of me. Recently my partner has been talking to me like I’m nothing, constantly putting me down and threatening to leave and take the children without me. When trying to ask questions about when the move will take place they are both aggressive towards me and make out like I am too demanding and controlling (even though our completion date was last week) contracts have already been signed etc. Question is.. do I stay with this man and move with him? Leaving behind all my family and friends to go to a different city with him and his dad or do I stay and never give my children a better life? I was thinking about just going and suffering until we are all settled and then once moved, sell the house and take back my £70,000 and get my own place up there but should I? (Contracts have been signed for 50 % of house each but I wouldn’t dream of taking his inheritance) do you think it will be easy to cope with or will I ruin my life in the process. I’m trying not to be selfish and give them the opportunity of a better life but I just don’t know what to do for the best? I’m constantly in tears and I can’t talk to anyone because they will just tell me to stay, but I’m thinking of the life the kids could have. WHAT SACRIFICE IS £70,000 WORTH?


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