Remembering Life Before Children

“It’s 3am and the baby cries,

You look at your partner but he’s got work at sunrise.

You get annoyed at him for laying there and sleeping,

The baby monitor starts flashing and beeping.

You try and wake up but your body protests,

The milk is already soaking your pyjama vest.

You remember the life you think you’ve lost,

Everything has changed now but at what cost?

It’s 3am and you know what this used to mean,

Dancing and parties, following your dreams.

You think about all the things you used to enjoy,

All the stuff that happened before your little boy.

You remember how your body used to be,

No stretch marks, no wobbles, no imperfections to see.

The housework was always up to date, the washing always clean,

There were days where you never had to question hygiene.

You remember the people you met, the ones you don’t see anymore,

The friends who forgot about you and yours.

The invites stopped because you became a mum,

Didn’t you know motherhood is lonely, as a rule of thumb?

But it’s 3am and the baby cries,

He looks up and you with those big hazel eyes.

He stops his tears and a big grin appears on his face,

You’re his mother, his lifeline, his safe place.

Everything has changed, yes that’s true,

But this little bundle looks up to you.

He doesn’t care what you’re wearing or how you look,

Motherhood replaced the life this baby took.

It’s hard, challenging and a difficult feat,

But there no better sound than his little heartbeat.

So hold him close and forget about every mindless thing,

Life is better than before, happiness is just for you and your little king.”

– Beautiful words and artwork by @Levi Duvall Thompson


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