Right so i got with a guy who i fell for quite quick he made me laugh everytime …

Right so i got with a guy who i fell for quite quick he made me laugh everytime we spent time together we never had bad vibes he said he wanted achild with me so we never used anything. After a while i just felt like he was doing me wrong by cheatin but could never prove it i just thought these things cause i was cheated on in the past .isaid how i felt but he reasured me he loved me and was not cheating. I got pregnant and was so happy but when i told him he said he didnt want a baby cause he wasnt ready.i was abit shocked but just happy i was pregnant but inside that hurt. After a while he was not there for me throgh my pregnancy but when he was he was so nice . He didnt come bk on my birthday or christmas and i got really upset then to find out my baby could have something seriously wrong with it and got told to abort he didnt seem botherd at all .i was broken but went for mri and they said babys fine .was over moon to 2 weeks later he had to tell me he gave me chlamydia obviously cause i was pregnant.. it all came out in the end he told me he would never do it again and so kn. 6 weeks before i had baby he had scratches on his back and had no choice to tell me he cheated . I can tell you now i was crying eveyniht before i went bed because of this . My baby is now 8 months and since havin him ive turned nasty towards the dad for what he out me through the pregnancy . I still love him but keep telling him to go cause its gettig worst the more i think about it and stay with him . Dont judge me i just need some advice cause i do want to leave him just i feel so alone


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