Seconds Away From Kidnapping-Parents Be Vigilant

This is my beautiful little 2 year old boy who today was seconds away from being kidnapped by a group of asian men and women and after thinking about it they were pretty cunning the way they were doing it.

We had simply had our dinner and told our boys that they could go on the rides after they had eaten, we headed down to the front and got the tokens for them to enjoy the rest of their day little did me and my wife know that within an hour our day would turn into hell.

It was around 2.30 and our boys had been on the rides they wanted and where ready to go back to the pavillion to go back in the play area literally 30 seconds had passed and our boy had nearly gone.

Here is the cunning part It started with me and our new born being nearly knocked into the sea my wife at the side of us and our 4 and 2 year olds 5 yards infront they barged into me whilst I was pushing the pram to cause a distraction then quickly headed towards our boy luckily for us my wife had not taken her eyes off the boys and noticed almost instantly that something wasnt right.

They had gone straight to our son surronded him so that no one could see and tried to get hold of him what they didnt realise is that my wife had not taken her eye off him and she was their in a flash dragging him away and back to our safety. As soon as she shouted me they split and went off in different directions.

It was only 20 minutes after this when talking to the police and taking statements that we realised they had been stood behind us following us for at least 30 minutes the woman was even pushing a empty pushchair that is used to put a child in buckle them up covering them up with the hood and make it look like it is their child crying in the pushchair

I ask anyone that as young children please be very vigilant when out with your children like I say its literally was 30 seconds and he was nearly gone as parents who have had a child pass away 5 years ago it was pretty traumatic for my wife thinking that we had nearly lost another one of our beautiful children

Stay safe out their



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  • 27th June 2019 at 6:54 pm

    So sad to read something like this, something similar almost happened to my sister when she was in my care at the park. I turned my back to put my son in the swing and my sister had run off to go on the monkey bars. I turned back around to see a man talking to my sister by the park gates asking can he pick her up there was no need to pick her up. He didn’t know her and she was 8 years old at the time, I walked over as fast as I could with my son and the man quickly made himself scarce šŸ¤¦šŸ½ā€ā™€ļø I’ve been so vigilant ever since with my son and my sister


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