Sepsis: Don’t wait!!!


 Something that most people have heard of, but don’t understand or know what it is or what it means. 

Something that’s deadly serious, but not known enough. 

I’ve heard about it, know about symptoms and it still didn’t cross my mind that my daughter could have it as well as meningitis. She did. 

Exactly a week after her first birthday, In the space of 3 and a half hours, my daughter went from her happy, normal self to being in a serious, critical condition in hospital, the doctors exact words were “if you had brought her in an hour later, she wouldn’t have made it”. A temperature of 41 degrees celcius, heart rate of 210 (it shouldn’t be over 130), a purple blotchy rash and freezing cold arms and legs. 

My daughters body had shut down, it took them 40 minutes to find a vein for a cannula. She was on fluids for 48 hours, and in Hospital for a week. On IV antibiotics and 2 injections a day for a week. She had to have a lumbar puncture, which is where they take fluid from your spine. 

No child should have to go through that. Luckily it was caught in time, but not everyone is that lucky. If even one person reads this, at least that’s something. Knowing the symptoms could save a life, and going with your instincts. If you think something’s not right, get it checked.

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