Single Parents Are The Hardest To Love

Single Parents Are The Hardest To Love

There’s no hiding that there’s a stigma attached to single mums; they’re damaged goods, carry baggage, blah blah. 

Like, what? This is 2017, guys. 

It gets a little frustrating when you’re mid conversation and you mention your children to just be ignored or pushed to the back of the queue for ‘desperate’ times.

As if women didn’t get enough stick for jumping to conclusions, men assume we need a father figure for our child, someone to breadwin and provide and to be taken under their wing.


We’ve taken rejection, we’ve had to stay strong even when we wanted to fall apart, we have to put someone before us every single day with no questions asked, we’ve had to manage money when times are tough and we’re experts at organising. 

You see, we don’t need you. We want you. 

There is a very big difference. 

Living without a man is easier than living with one, I can assure you – one less person to tidy up after, ten less garments of clothing to wash, one less battle you have about who uses the bathroom the longest in the mornings, you get the jist. 

That said, we’re still human; we love harder than anybody and we put up a good fight for the people we love and who are closest to us, but the longer we’re single, the harder we are to be loved. 

When you’re so used to neglecting yourself for others and putting yourself last, you find it hard to make room for anybody else.

So let’s get this clear – we choose you to be a part of our lives, you don’t choose us. 



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  • 10th January 2018 at 9:06 am

    MY mum is the best single Mum


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