Single Working Mums You Are Badass

A reality so many women face. When you have no choice because financially you can’t stay home and long to so bad. Whether you are planning your family or it happens on a whim… The thoughts race through your head. How will I do this? How am I going to manage? How will I get off work? How will I balance working full-time plus overtime, get home & try to spend time with the kids before bed. Work on homework, start dinner, attempt to clean, make sure the kids have clean clothes for the next day. Baths. Story time. Hugs. Kisses. But what about you? Where’s your time? By the time you get everything settled and done, there is no time because in a few short hours this chaotic schedule will start back over. & Repeat.

No one understands the punch to the gut you get when your maternity leave is up and you have to leave that precious baby.

No one talks about the guilt.

No one talks about the exhaustion.

No one talks about your mental health.

They just see super mum!

“Oh my gosh, I don’t know how you do it” is something you hear often. Or you get the “how could you choose working over your kids”.

They don’t see all those bills piled up on the table, some past due & some are getting there. They don’t know that you’re a single mum trying to be both mum and dad and all you want is to buy your little guy those shoes he wants for getting a gold star at school or a celebration certificate from school.

They don’t know that you’re trying to put yourself through school while juggling working & taking care of your children.

They don’t see you crying in the shower because you missed your kids

First steps

First words

First day of school

sports game and sports day

Awards ceremony

School trip

Dr appointments

See, you’d give anything to be home with your babies. If only that was doable in this day & age.

Your day doesn’t end. You leave one job to start another. One day they will understand. They will know why you worked so hard to keep your family a float. Trust me.

You are one badass mum & you’re rocking it, being mum and dad and sole provider is one touch job!

Submitted by Dawn Friend

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