Social Services Took My Baby And Adopted Her Out

Kerry Blackaller has stirred up a lot of Facebook debates of late after she posted this


I found out TODAY by ME making a phone call to ask, my child has already been adopted! In fact the day they made a decision that I couldn’t bring her home! That quick and with no idea or no one to inform me! She’s been adopted! Right before Christmas! CROYDON SOCIAL SERVICES ARE SCUM!!!!!

The day my baby girl was forcibly TAKEN!! I became some body new,

a totally different person, someone I never knew.

I am not who I used to be. I am defiantly not the same.

The only thing that hasn’t changed is the spelling of my name.

I cry more now than I ever did I break down quite a lot.

In fact I tried the other week to end the pain by making my heart beat stop!!

A mother gives her child life and a love unlike no other,

when that is taken all away she becomes a grieving mother!”.


Whilst many people showed Kerry a lot of sympathy for her baby being taken away, others wanted a lot more information and asked why the baby was removed in the first place, some responded to that comment saying that the mother had mental health issues and wasnt given the help or support she needed.

Hundreds of people showed no compassion and stated that social services do not take babies or children for no reason and they tend to work with families to keep children with their parents.

How do you feel about social services, do you think they are removing children from their parents care for no good reason or are there genuine reasons for concern in most cases?


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