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Sorry for so many questions but can I have another post When I had my first chi…

Sorry for so many questions but can I have another post

When I had my first child I was lucky enough to get to deliver my baby vaginally but just barely because my hips never opened and i pretty much had to force her thru by pushing because they wanted to prep me for a c section. Well other than birth I’ve never even been to the hospital for anything other than small stuff. My question is will giving birth the second time be easier and will I most likely be able to do it vaginally again. I’m deathly afraid of a c section and have nightmares of it at least 3 times a week and it makes me freak out more. Thank you sorry for the long post 😊


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  • Hi I had an emergency c section due to having eclampsia and hellp syndrome the after pain wasn’t as bad as o thought it was it was just the other meds’ for blood and everything else that was bad fingers crossed for u hun xx

  • My first was prem 34 weeker due to preclampsia induced and pulled with forceps no issue through pregnancy until I swelled up and high bp but no pain at all had gas and air up n about morning after home by dinner time baby in scbu
    Second baby completely different
    Bleed from 6 weeks to 20weeks I grow to the size of a baby whale was 6 days over when I went into labour I couldn’t get him out so put under for emc at 8pm was up and about at 4am having breakfast looking after baby home by 2pm no issues after in town day 3 x personally I would go with my first birth always as I felt more prepared but c section wasn’t even that bad really I can’t sit still whilst not pregnant so after c section I was up n about soon as the nurse let me x

  • My second was my biggest baby (7lb 9oz) BUT definitely the quickest, easiest and less painful .. I only had gas n air! With my others I had every drug going, a forcep delivery (ouch!!) and 2 back to back labours!

  • Thank you ladies it does help! With my first I was only in labor 12 hours and pushed for 30 mins but she wasn’t passing my hips and they said prep her for a c section and I freaked out and puked and started to push her out myself and felt my hips pop open and less than 10 mins she came out. I just wanna know do you think my hips stayed open or will I have issues with it again. I’m only 21 and I’m not afraid of needles or anything it’s more or less being gutted on a table while being awake that’s got me panicking

  • No. Its a different birth. Not necessarily any quicker. Each birth is different. I hope yoi are able to deliver naturally. If it comes down to a c section you’ll be fine as you dont have time to think about it then, youll go with what ever is being told


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