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Sorry for the really long post in advance Would anyone else be annoyed with thi…

Sorry for the really long post in advance 🙈
Would anyone else be annoyed with this, my cousin asked me to go out to the local with her tonight for a few drinks, so my sister said she would babysit my 2 kids for me if I dropped them off at hers, so I did, when I got there she said she would have them both over night for me to give me a break as I’m a single parent, I do everything on my own without any help from anyone, there’s just me and the boys.
I said yes to her having them over night as she said she could cope with both of them over night and she doesn’t get to see them that much anymore. So I go out and gets a phone call from my mum telling me I better go and pick them up as my sister doesn’t want them over night anymore because she can’t cope, but I text her not half an hour before and she said everything was fine and they where both okay, so I phone my sister to see what’s going off and why she wants me to pick them up when she said she was having them to sleep, and she starts kicking off at me down the phone, so I told her I would phone a taxi and get to her as soon as I can. I then gets another phone call from my mum kicking off with me telling me I better hurry up and go and get them. So I get my taxi to hers and she kicks off with me again, then text my mum saying I’m kicking off this that and the other so my mum phones me again kicking off. Thought out this I was getting constant texts having a go at me. I get home for my sister to say she wants paying £10 for the few hours. So all in all with the taxis and her “babysitting” money it’s cost me nearly £30 please tell me I have a reason to be annoyed with them


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