Stay Away From The Alba Tablet From Argos

For anyone thinking of buying an Alba tablet from argos, please don’t.

I purchased these earlier in the year, I assumed that buying from argos I would receive a standard of quality and safety that’s not always guaranteed when buying online.. And with electronic items that are for my kids, safety is paramount.

Well I plugged these in charge today and tried to turn one on and it popped in my hands.

Bloody shook me up, I immediately pulled out the charger and looked closer to see the battery has expanded and popped open the casing. A quick google told me that the lithium battery exploded.

Called argos customer services and they first asked me if id used the correct charger – yes.

Then said I need to take it in store to let staff look and decide whether they will refund me or replace item.

I don’t want a replacement. That could have gone so very wrong and been much worse.

Stay Away From The Alba Tablet From Argos
Stay Away From The Alba Tablet From Argos

I just want to get this out asap. People will be buying Xmas presents and could very well be buying this dangerous item right now. I wanted them to halt all sales till its investigated properly.

Thankfully it wasnt one of my kids holding it, thankfully I wasn’t holding my newborn and thankfully it didn’t catch fire.

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3 thoughts on “Stay Away From The Alba Tablet From Argos

  • 29th September 2020 at 10:12 am

    Guys I have exactly the same tablet and it has exploded exactly the same way lucky o was holding it not my three year old son who owns the tablet.
    I can post images if people don’t believe me the battery swelled up exactly like the photos of that other one.
    It was working fine the battery was abit slow but there cheap tablets so I wasn’t surprised but it just started to crack and then popped in my hand .

  • 7th October 2020 at 10:18 am

    I have the same problem, went to use it in the morning and the screen was cracked. It wasn’t till I took it out of it’s leather case that I noticed It had started to bulge from inside so I took it back to my Argos store for a replacement item, not that one of course. They insisted I had dropped it even though a monkey could tell I hadn’t and wouldn’t replace so I left and went online for help. The tablet is now sitting in a roasting tin in case it goes on fire as the bulging is getting worse and worse. Two emails later to Argos and no joy even when I threatened with Trading Standards which will be my next action. Their aftercare sucks, no one to write to, no one to phone. These need to be recalled cos somebody’s putting dodgy batteries in them and also other brand named tablets. If somebody gets hurt then they’ll have to act. I also have another one which hasn’t started yet, hopefully it won’t.

  • 18th October 2020 at 4:52 pm

    Hi, just found this article as my one has the same issue. Was in the draw for a few months as I got my daughter a laptop during lockdown and went to charge it up for my son to find the screen has cracked and the battery was very swollen. We purchased in December 2018 but this is clearly a safety fault with the product. I spoke to luve chat who told me to go to my local store to show them so will see what they say. Absolutely horrified to think this could have happend whilst one of my children was using it


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