Stop Asking How Much To Spend On Your Kids

You know what I can’t stand is mums and mums group asking how much they should spend on their crotch goblins for Christmas.

How is this even a question you spend what you can afford or what you feel is acceptable budget.

If you only have a £50 budget then so be it, you know what your kids will still have a great day and love what you have given them, older children will understand that times are hard and that you are doing your upmost best for them and if they don’t then you need to teach them the value of money.

If you do happen to have plenty of spare cash it does not mean you have to buy your kids the world or brag about the huge mounds of gifts under the tree.

Lets not make Christmas a competition, let’s not get loans out or spend all year going without so you can make one day “special”.

Looking back on my childhood I don’t remember the expensive gifts I can barely remember a single gift other than a pogo stick which I absolutely loved, It wasn’t until I was an adult that my mother told me she had bought it from a car boot sale for only a pound.

Christmas should be about the ones you love, spending time with them not money!!!

Don’t ask what you should spend….You are enough and you are doing great mama

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