Stop Giving Your Baby Rantidine


What an absolute joke of a morning! All parents that are giving there babies RANITIDINE please stop! Me and my sister Becki Lauren Smith have had a nightmare of a morning with this.

Basically all chemists are still giving this product out still with the uncertainty of having the drug NDMA which links to cancer.. after a few phone calls to the chemist and one to ROSEMONT! And After a irate phone call with rosemont (the company which provides this product) they basically said they are testing the batch that is still being released for the NDMA drug and this could take months.. I asked the question

“So while your testing this product, why have you not recalled from all the chemist? And what if it comes back positive?! My niece has been having this medication!”

There response was “it’s up to you if you want to stop the medication but we are not recalling it’’ I told them ‘’ if this product comes back positive I will be suing the company’’

Her response ‘’that’s fine’’

which I think is very unprofessional! All these babies being left vulnerable! To now being told ALL RANITIDINE HAS NOW BEING RECALLED as of the past half an hour!

Me and Becki finally got to the bottom of this and our work is now done!

P.s if your child has been given this, in the past few weeks then go to doctors and they can prescribe omeprazole depending the babies weight



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