Stop Naming Your Kids Stupid Made Up Names

Stop Naming Your Kids Stupid Made Up Names

I want to rant, no I need to rant this new stupid trend of naming your children ridulicious made up names is getting out of hands wrong with nice normal names like John, Simon, Amy, or Sophie.

Neveah has got to be one of the worst names I have ever heard for those that don’t know it is heaven spelt backwards, just hearing it makes me want to vomit, and i’m not alone all over social media I see people hating on this name.

Made up names are the worst, Brayli, Bleu-Rose, sinamon (yes spelt like that) double-barreled names just sound like stripper names or common as muck people, I would not employ someone called Millie-May, Lilly-Anna, Bobbie-joe etc, what is this trend of adding “Mae, May, Bleu, Rose at the end of a name?

Parents they may in your opinion sound like cute names when your off spring is a baby but what happens when they become an adult, now a Peter or a Sarah has a chance to have a successful life but Blessing, Stormi, Honey Suckle, C-Kritz, Malia, Porsche, precious, Princess, Pluto, London, Bleuboy and Stokelee are clearly destined to play the guitar badly outside your local Aldi’s or to dance on poles, now may be I’m being to judgey but as an employer for a large company when I look at an application for a job interview, I put the ones with ridiculous names in the bin.

How can My company be successful with Armani-Mae at the front desk, it’s embarrassing it sounds childish and very unprofessional.

Now I’m not saying all old style names are great, Keith, Martha, Trevor and Maureen need never to be heard again.

I await the who am I to judge comments, but lets face it we all judge people by their name, Richard you could imagine being a Doctor and Armani-Bleu dancing on a pole or starring in adult films.

Wake up parents stop chavving up your kids and name something normal!!!


Sent in via email, sender wishes to remain anonymous

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18 thoughts on “Stop Naming Your Kids Stupid Made Up Names

  1. You need your opinionated,stuck up head kicked in you ignorant c*nt…You won’t hire someone based on their name? That’s a big thing called discrimination stupid.And the fact that you think they will or won’t have a successful life based on their name? Pure Ignorance at its finest.I do agree that yes,some names are just downright stupid and make no sense,but realistically, you cannot,and do not have the ability to tell a parent what they can or should name their child just because people don’t name their child to suit your preference.Get with the times lady…this is 2018,a long way past the time you were clearly raised in.2018 is not going to be even close to how you were raised.GET OVER IT

  2. I think this is horrible how dare you say kids with different names are not going to have good jobs and I’m sorry but who the bloody hell wants to be call Richard or John these days

  3. 😂😂 oh get a brain where do you think names like Sarah and John came from someone made them up and back then they where unusual but now they are common that’s the way the world works. Stop being so judgemental and grow up!

  4. I do agree but by claiming their future is bleak is those ways is downright awful and disrespectful based on a name that the child has no choice in. All those “Blessings, stormis, precious’ and even the Armarni-bleus could be your doctors, co workers, your children’s friends they could be anything they like! Their future is not defined by their name they were chosen.
    Hey if you change your attitude, they could be one of your closest friends!
    In my honest opinion, this is one to keep to yourself and stop being so judgemental and unfair towards others. That person who’s name was “Armarni-Mae” that you hypothetically turned down based on her name could’ve been your most skilled, brainy and resilient employee, a fantastic representative to your company/Place of work. Think about that whilst you evaluate how ridiculous you sound.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 never heard something so daft in my life all 4 of my boys have names that not many people have and i love it i dont want my kids to be the same i want them to stand out be who they want to be not what be like what others want or exspect them to be because of there names. If you dont like it thats down to you but know one is the same in life or life would be boreing. A name has nothing to do with future or jobs thats down to education and prosenting yourself. 🤔

  5. My son is named walker I put last for his first name and sorry but I love it and alot of people love it. Why should everyone be named the same boring name. Everyone is unique so they should be able to have unique names me and my partner are thinking about having another baby soon and if it’s a boy will be named gillian and if a girl skila (sky la) my daughter is named issabelle (is sabelle) Common name but spelt different. I don’t see a problem with having different names it’s up to people what they name their children.

  6. Wow this is the most stupid and ridiculous thing I have ever read! I have two children, my son named Harvey-Dean and my daughter named Skyla-Marie, so what your saying they will either be nothing or a poll dancer? How fucking stupid are you? No my two young children will become what ever they want to be. Darling who ever you are you need to grow the hell up and stop judging what other people call their children, your suppose to be an adult yet your acting like your still in god dam school 😡

  7. All names were once made up names. Let’s face it language it’s self is still new and changing as most of us grow. To base someone’s prospects on a name is insensitive and ridiculous to quote a great man “what is in a name, would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet”

  8. I think that we should be told who they hire for. Then I think a formal complaint with a copy of this should be sent to the company as a warning they have a lawsuit on their case. Anyone who has applied and not had a response should then seek damages for discrimination unless they can prove that they just were not the right person for the job and after they have taken the flack for it this person should be fired for gross misconduct by discrimination and poor spelling and grammar. I know mine isn’t perfect but I’m not claiming to be the one that determines a persons education/upbringing/job based on name!

  9. Whoever this is, their ‘normal’ name didn’t make them any brighter considering the spelling and grammar mistakes in this e-mail!

  10. Neveah is not heaven spelt backwards so learn to spell a name before you be a c*cnt about it!! My 5 month old is called Alfie but I still like all the unusual, double barralled names, I’m called Scarlett and that wasn’t popular at all when I was a kid and used to get bullied because of it. You’re just a bully, picking on people because their name doesn’t suit you!! Honestly how do you manage to keep your job when you bin the applications due to their name, so that means you will accept someone with a ‘normal’ name even if they have no experience or a clue about the job. Pathetic.

  11. To the writer of this article, your grammar and spelling is appallingly bad. Ridiculous is spelt this way not the weird way you have spelt it. Please before you criticize peoples names make sure you know how to write…

  12. Quick lesson because you absolutely butchered this. Neveah is a very real, very old Irish and Gaelic name. It just so happens that it also spells heaven, when spelt this particular way but looks nothing like it, in it’s Irish spelling. So first of all, fuck you and shitting on my nationalities traditional names, because you couldn’t be bloody bothered to google something and just wanted to rant. Also, what company do you work for? Because I have EVERY intention of reporting you to your company, for making judgements, based on names and not actually bothering to check whether those people are capable of doing the job. Which means YOU are NOT doing your job and have no business being in recruitment and need demoting. Your personal feelings have no business, in your (un)professional capacity, thus you do not need to be making decisions like that. Would you do the same if someone from Africa, with a traditional African name, complete with the click accent in it’s spelling, applied to work at your company? You are all sorts of screwed up because you just have no creativity whatsoever and can’t help but shit on people who do. You’re a terrible person and I hope you get your comeuppance.

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