The Back To School Pictures Every Year Are Dull And Mundane

I know just what you’re thinking because I used to think the same,

The back to school spam every year is dull and quite mundane.

But then I had my own kids which I didn’t have before,

And now I see the meaning of those photos stood by the front door.

These children seem to grow so quick and at the start of each September,

We take a photo of them in their uniform so their changes, we remember.

Their first new shiny school shoes that walk them in on their first day,

The wonky ties of teens who are figuring out their way.

We’ve ironed on the name labels, repeated “just do your best”,

Reminisced on where the years went from when they were first laid on our chest.

I get that another school photo popping up as a Facebook post,

Isn’t always very interesting and seems like a parenting boast.

But these children in these photos stood by the house front door,

Are our proudest achievements in our lives and we couldn’t wish for more.

So when you see the back to school spam I ask you to remember,

To parents this is so much more than just another passing September.


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