The Girl Said I Was Thrown Away By My Mummy

SCHOOL. I hate it. It’s a horrible place and nobody listens. I used to like it. I used to be happy there. I used to have fun. But not any more. There are some stupid teachers and even more stupider kids who are really really horrible. And I’m horrible as well.

This girl said I was thrown away by my mummy. Said my mummy didn’t want me so I have to live with foster carers. She said nobody wants me and nobody lives me and I’m ugly and smell. Then she got her friends to say the same thing.

When she first said it I didn’t think she was nice and I tried not to listen. But she kept on saying it – in the playground, in the dinner hall, in assembly, in the class room. She said I was smelly and wouldn’t sit near me. She made me feel really yuk about myself inside. I tried to tell a dinner lady and she said stay away from them. My teacher said stop telling tales. I got told off for moving away from her. So what this girl says must be true because nobody is listening to me and the grown ups are on her side too.

I hate school loads now and I don’t care about it anymore. They don’t like me. I don’t like them. They are going to pay. I don’t care what they say or do because if I’m not wanted or liked then I’m going to show them I don’t care.

So they better watch out. Kim better watch out. The whole wide world better watch out. Because I will make them hear me even if they all can’t be bothered to listen. I’ll show them.


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