The Look She Gave Me When I Asked…

Well I guess you could say there is another store I will be avoiding for awhile. Went into to grab some makeup wipes took them up to the counter to pay.

As per my usual self I thought I’d make conversation and asked the clerk of she had ever tried them she gave me an odd look. So I continued on saying I cook in a restaurant and feel greasy throughout the day so I like to freshen up. Should of stopped talking at this point but no.

Then I said it’s so handy to have these you can just whip them out and use them anywhere. This whole time she never said a word, so I paid told her told her to have a good day. Still no response. Got home from work last night and took them out of the bag. And that’s when I realized OMG I’m mortified. I laid in bed thinking of everything I had said to this poor woman 🤦‍♀️. So now I’m thinking should I go back and explain myself or find a new drugstore 😩



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