The Sad Reality Of A Child With Food Allergies

The sad reality of allergies/ intolerance’s. Behind all the smiling photos, fun days out and snuggles under the duvet watching their favourite film are the real feeling of fear, pain & illness.

To often we post the proud pictures of our children with big smiles & it’s all to easy to forget how they really feel.

That big smiley picture I posted on social media this morning of my fun-loving chap soon wore away as the day went on, being replaced slowly by stomach cramps, abdo pain & diarrhoea. The tears came & again the feeling of “why me”all because he put his hand near on his mouth after traveling on a train.

My son is allergic to nuts, wheat, glucose and lactose intolerant, we have to be very very careful of what he eats and how it is prepared, even a bread crumb can cause pain and discomfort.

The slightest wrong food can cause an  awful night of toilet runs & overall a feeling of sadness and yes even children can feel depression. So the next time you see a child that can’t have something don’t just think ” oh they should be used to it by now” because they may put on a smile but inside they do cry, they do sometimes need a hug & they do feel hurt at their difference to everyone else.

Birthday parties are awful for my son to attend, we have to  take a packed lunch which my son is fine with, but seeing all his friends eating cake, pizza and all these bright coloured exciting food makes him sad, we have to ensure he never puts his hand near his mouth as like ive said the slightest crumb causes havoc with his health.

It really is a sad reality that a 5-year-old child is fearful of everything in case he becomes ill, the last thing he needs is hearing people say “surely he will grow out of it” or “maybe try a little bit at a time and increasing his intake” allergies can not only be deadly but also soul-destroying and depressing

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