The Shocking Reality Of The LOL Bigger Surprise

Natalie Harrison has taken to Facebook to share a photo of the LOL dolls £84.99 bigger surprise box.

Harrison said “Anyone thinking of buying the LOl bigger surprise for £84.99 this is what you get”

Harrison’s post has since gone viral having been shared over a hundred thousand times and rising.

Most of the comments claim that it is a rip off, Hannah Smith said “you are better off just buying 8 balls”, Samantha Jane Brunton was angry and said ” I think that’s absolutely disgusting charging that kind of money for such a tiny amount of shite”

However some think it is worth the money, Beth Starkey was passionate with her words ” I’ve got this for my daughter, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what’s in it, she will absolutely love it, I think I’m the only person that actually thinks they are worth the money, t dolls are so cute I want to play with them myself”.

Do you feel the price tag shouldn’t matter as the look on your childs face on christmas morning is priceless.

Gillian McVittie is on a budget but had a brilliant idea to cut costs Mcvittie said “I’ve bought some of the wraps, glitter dolls, pets and other bits and making a goodie box up myself. I plan to wrap a box and them all in tissue paper or something  inside , I will also be adding LOL colouring books and bubble bath”.

Whats your view on the whole LOL range? Are you gong to spend a lot of money on them and maybe buy the £84 bigget surprise box or possibly even purchase the LOL surprise house playset which are selling at the lowest price of £160.

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