The Smile That Lights Up A Room

My son Cameron was born with a rare genetic condition called Norrie Disease, which was discovered when he was around 8 weeks old. This means he was born completely blind and may later develop secondary symptoms.
At the age of 3 he began to lose his hearing, and now at the age of 7, he has little remaining hearing in one ear.

At the age of 5 he was diagnosed with Autism and ADHD, he is non verbal has profound learning disabilities and fed through a feeding tube.
Trying to navigate a world where your child is disabled has been scary. I worried for his future and happiness. But my son has taught me about the true beauty in the world, all the things we often take for granted.

His smile lights up a whole room, and you can see the pure joy over his face from simple pleasures. Feeling the raindrops on his skin or the sunshine warming up his face. The wind blowing through his hair or the sensation of his buggy over a gravel path.
He has been through so many challenges in his little life, yet still smiles through it all. He is brave, resilient, bubbly, bouncy and a real thrill seeker. He never lets his disability hold him back.
He has changed me as a person, helping me to become better and I will always be his biggest advocate.

We have fought for many things over the years to enable him the best quality of life, and even on my darkest days I look at him and remember why I have to keep going.
If only more people saw the world through Cameron’s eyes, it really would be such a beautiful place.

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