The Woman Who Had Ten Boys Aborted

The Woman Who Had Ten Boys Aborted.

Martha Whatmore aged 37 from Surrey has aborted ten babies her reasons shocked us to the core and as a rule we stay impartial but we have to admit we feel sickened by her actions.

You see Martha has four sons ranging from 9 to 17.

Martha and her husband Kyle are desperate to add a daughter to their family.
Martha explained they had used the nub and ramzi theory to tell the sex of their expectant babies.
Every pregnancy so far they have believed to be a boy.

Martha and Kyle told Mums advice that they love their sons to bits but don’t have anymore room in their home or heart to keep on having more boys all they really want to make their family complete is a much wanted daughter.

Martha said “We do not believe we are doing any wrong, the fetus is not fully formed and we pay privately for the abortion so aren’t wasting tax payers money, why bring a baby into the world that isn’t wanted”.

Kyle added: “we are praying our next pregnancy brings along a little princess, but if not we will keep trying until we succeed”.

Both said if there was an option to pick the sex then they would jump at the chance and would be prepared to pay any price, we suggested to them the option of adopting the babies out or tying to adopt a girl but they are adamant that what they are doing isn’t harming anyone.

Martha added “I could understand people being annoyed or upset with our actions if the baby was fully formed but it is just a fetus and feels no pain”.

Ten abortions and by the looks of it unless their next pregnancy is a girl this number could vastly increase.


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  • 22nd June 2018 at 8:23 am

    Absolutely disgusting. Just think of all the couples that are desperate for a child and you are just aborting them for their sex and you’re basing it on a theory u don’t even know for sure. You are both horrible.


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