There Are Still Great People In This World

“My husband and I were in the ER and an elderly lady was wheeled out to leave. She told the receptionist she had no family or ride home. I was saddened to see some (not all) of the employees lack of concern as to how she would get home.

All of the sudden this AMAZING gentleman who had been waiting with his wife approached the lady and told her he would gladly take her home. This man not knowing her or having a clue where she lived volunteered his time to care of this lovely woman. She offered to pay but he kindly declined like any good man would. As he went to get his truck I wheeled her out and put her in the vehicle.

As I watched them drive away my only thoughts were ‘there are still great people in this world’ ‘and ‘We have to care for our elders like this nice man.’ I did get a little info from his wife. His name is Jeffery and he is military here at Ft.Campbell KY.

Not only does this man serve our great country, he serves his great little community. I just wanted to give a little recognition and respect to this man. Jeffery, if you see this, just know your deeds are recognized and appreciated by your community. Thank you Sir for serving our country and our community.”

Credit: Ashley Cherry

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