These Men Ruined Our Lives Can You Help?

Twenty four weeks ago today our lives changed forever when these four men broke into our family home in Essex,they terrorized our two little dogs and ransacked our bedrooms looking for car keys. Not having much luck finding them they smashed into the safe that was in our bedroom cupboard, stole every item of jewellery I had collected over the fifty years of my life including the irreplaceable items of jewellery from my mum, grandmother and aunts and my great-grandad’s war medals that I had placed in there after losing my dad four weeks earlier.

Having found the spare keys to my son’s car, they stashed everything into the pillowcase from our bed and left the house by the back door. Driving round to the front of our house in their getaway car, two of them then jumped out and stole my son’s six-month old car from the driveway.

So how has it affected us so much? It’s been a living nightmare, when you think you’re insured you find out that you’re not and have to pay almost £30,000 to settle the payment on the car. Who has receipts and photographs of jewellery they own? How can you put a value on the sentimental items of jewellery that belonged to your mum and that you can never replace? Do you every actually get the value back on the things you’ve lost? How do you sleep at night, when you constantly wake thinking there’s someone in the house? How do you reassure your dogs that everyone entering the house isn’t here to abuse you?

SOMEONE MUST KNOW THESE FOUR MEN!! How can they sleep at night?? Don’t let them get away with this, please share and help us catch them because it could be you next time!!

I just hope that everyone that reads this will share. Thank you

Karen Brady

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

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