Things Need To Change In Uk Care Homes

I think it’s time to get things changed in care homes to stop abuse and neglect happening to old and vulnerable people who cannot stand up for themselves.

Care homes need cameras in them ALL OF THEM, to protect residents and staff, they need to be graded as to what level of dementia they can care for.

Dementia itself needs to be graded so that people are not placed in wrong homes, the staffing levels need to be considerably higher and finally the people working in them need to be vetted more than they are now. Also the owners need to stop making such huge profits because that is all that concerns them .

So please share to get support I can then go back to the health minister to try to get things changed. Don’t forget you or someone you love might be next

Credit Ray Ann Lewis

An investigation by the Daily Mail found four in ten UK care homes had failed inspections in 2017, with residents being forced to live in filthy and squalid conditions, and some locked in bedrooms without any natural light, food was basic with limited nutritional value, paper work was also not accurate.

Of the 5,300 UK care homes inspected in 2017, 2,314 were dubbed as inadequate or in need of improvement, which is shocking.

Staffing levels need to increase, better pay, more appreciation, training and shorter working hours would help things.

Lets stop care home abuse NOW!!!

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