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Can i have a ppp i went for an early early scan and the first time.i went they said there was nothing there but a sac they asked me to.come back within two.week so did and in the two weeks.i had a yolk.and fetal pole.and then theu said to come.back in week so went and they then had told me i have missed miscarrige and straight away they threw all.these options at me and at the time my head was a mess and all i wanted to do was i just do it naturally well it has been 5 days and nothing has happend no bleeding nothing and i feel bloddy great except.for.still having cravings and morning sickness and tiredness but my belly is deloving a boobs are defo growing im getting typical white discharge in pregency and constanly weeing non stop and i though i am pregent is really messing with my head as i am so confused i have even read up on so many stories of this happening to woman and then they have gone back and there is a heartbeat im so confused ladies iv alredi got.two beautiful girlies and my first pregency kind of started of like was because she was just a small baby she even went full term and was born 4pound 15 help ladies.has.anyboday sufferd from.a missed miscarrige how.lomg did it happen or.have u ever gone back to.find that the hospital was wrong really need some advice

Thinking Objects – Leistungsstark. Sicher. Nachhaltig. | Thinking Objects

Die Stuttgarter Thinking Objects GmbH ist ein IT-Systemintegrator mit dem Fokus IT-Sicherheit, Rechenzentrumsdienstleistungen sowie Support und Betrieb.


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