This Is Such A Hard Thing To Do

This is such a hard thing to do. To publically air my “dirty laundry”. But today I sat in a court room, waiting to hear how long the father of my 1 year old child would get for ABH. ABH, because no bones were broken (unbelievable) he used the excuse he had too much to drink, even though there were other times and he was sober. He was sentenced to 21 months in prison, but due to our legal system and reductions he’s apparently “entitled” to , on good behaviour he will be out in just 6 months and this for me just isn’t good enough.

This isn’t a pity post, I already feel stronger than I have ever felt but I will not be silenced by this man another second of my life and I honestly couldn’t forgive myself if he ever did this to someone else (he has history and previously assaulted his ex girlfriend) . He is the most manipulative , controlling, possesive person. And in just 6 months time he could be walking the streets looking for his next target.

This Is Such A Hard Thing To Do
This Is Such A Hard Thing To Do

And please, If you are with someone who is controlling you, making you feel scared, trying to stop you having friends or working. I know it’s hard but LEAVE. Take the kids, leave the material stuff. So many times I wanted to go and tell someone what was going on. But I realise now there is so much help out there. Tell someone. Anyone. My two children could have ended up losing their mother.

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